China, Such a big and diverse Country, Where anybody who tells you they know China or is considered a "China Expert" well obviously has not been there long enough . These Images were shot from 2001 thru 2016,

Obviously the Shanghai set has the most images as that is where I lived, Some are shot on a Point and Shot, most with a 35mm and some on a Phase full frame back, 98% are were shot in digital. 

China is a fascinating country, The Chinese  people are in general a courteous  and kind people, but being so many, it is easy to cite the the exception as the rule. 

At this point I would be remiss (and a shitty person) not mention my shooting buddy Pat Belson, w/o whom the days would certainly have been tedious, certainly boring, and certainly not as creative, as we pushed each other to do our best work. I can certainly vouch for improvement on all, but maybe the creative aspect - on that point you can judge. So many people encouraged me, the list is too long, but to everyone I say , a deep, warm , thank you from the bottom of my soul. 

I hope you enjoy the images as much I did making them. 

Please click to your heart's delight!!

Shanghai, Street Images and Being There

LuoPing, YunNan

JiuZhaiGou, SicHuan

Yellow Mountain, (HuangShan) Anhui

Fujian Round Houses

YangShuo, GuangXi

LiJiang, Yunnan

Ohel Rachel Synagogue, Shanghai

China in General